Montana Tourism Grant Program

There are presently no open calls for applications.

The Tourism Grant Program awards funds to strengthen Montana’s economy through the development and enhancement of the State’s tourism and recreation industry. The Tourism Grant Program is funded by the 4% Lodging Facility Use Tax; commonly known as the “Bed Tax”, which is collected from guests of hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, guest ranches, resorts, and campgrounds.

The Recovery Destination Event Grant Application Cycle,  offered through the Tourism Grant Program, is intended to assist  Montana’s communities for destination events and new events that will  generate out-of-area, State, and/or Country attendance and increase  non-resident visitor traffic and revenue. This could include either a  "Destination Event” for existing events that have been consistently held  in a community and have a demonstrated history of economic impact for  that community or an “Economic Recovery Event” for new events that can  demonstrate through the submission the event will generate outside  revenue coming into their community.

The recovery destination event must be held in Montana by an eligible entity based in Montana which includes a tribal government; a primary, registered  non-profit 501(c) organization; a city government; or a county  government. Eligible entities are limited to one submission for one recovery destination event in this recovery destination event grant  cycle and the recovery destination event must be held prior to June 1,  2023. The eligible entity must also be the primary organizer of the recovery destination event.

The purpose, content, and / or material aspect of the recovery  destination event must be suitable for audiences of all ages. Some  event-based activities are not eligible to be  considered for funding including but not limited to: county or community  fairs, school and league tournaments, high-school or family reunions,  professional, or sporting and/or other events that are not identified as  an interest to non-resident visitors [see Montana Destination Brand Research Study] as well as members-only events.

Each recovery destination event could be eligible for $5,000 up to  $25,000 in tourism grant funds and a match is not required; however,  awarded funds will be distributed on a reimbursement basis only for eligible costs which include and are specifically limited to:

  • advertisement / marketing costs for increasing  non-resident and resident attendance such as traditional advertisement,  digital marketing campaigns, social media post boosts / social media  ads, e-communications [eblasts] to paid-for targeted market segments,  and/or geo-fencing.
  • event infrastructure costs limited to portable  restrooms and/or wash stations and 25% of the rental costs for a  permanent venue / facility where the recovery destination event will  take place.
  • signage costs including production, construction,  and/or installation costs of non-permanent signage directing attendees  to the event, direct mailers [not including postage], and/or banners announcing  the recovery destination event.

The Recovery Destination Event Grant Application Cycle launches the 1st Wednesday of the New Year with submissions considered,  reviewed and scored, and awarded in an on-going basis until all  available $500,000 of tourism grant funds are awarded or June 1st, 2022,  whichever occurs first. A determination of award and award amount will  be made within 30 business days from the date of complete submission. A  high-level of concentration will be given to recovery destination events  to be held in rural communities, the Eastern regions of Montana, in  tribal communities, and prioritization will be given to recovery  destination events that will occur in the shoulder-seasons of the year.

For more information, resources, and direct contact information please visit the Tourism Grant Program website at